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Almost a week after our first of many post-Ike attempts to reach Allstate, no agent, claims adjuster, nor any other Allstate rep shows the slightest interest in any of this information, apparently waiting until it’s time for them to put their bad hands to work attempting to deny or contest any damage claim.

What Ike did to our house and yard:

  1. Roof – Tore off shingles in numerous patches on the roof. As Allstate continued ignoring its Ike customers even as new rain threatened damaged roofs, we had to make our own arrangements for temporary “blue roof” tarp to cover the roof areas requiring repair. Leaking through those areas during Ike left some of the attic insulation damp, meaning that insulation needed to be be discarded and replaced. Leaking down the corner of Nat’s upstairs bedroom damaged some of the interior paint. Severe leaking into an upstairs bathroom light may require replacement of that fixture. (Note: All hurricane cautions I have read from all official sources strongly advise against turning electricity back on for any electrical outlets or fixtures that were soaked as badly as this fixture was, until after the house electrical circuits have been checked by a licensed electrician. Is Allstate going to persist in ignoring its Ike customers, then try to deny claims for such services that are so strongly advised, or would they rather I take the risk in having the house burn down with potential loss of life?)
  2. Window – One living room window has been severely cracked and will need to be replaced.
  3. Fence and Landscaping – Two of the trees added to our backyard for our pool landscaping were ripped up by the roots and needed to be chopped up for disposal. Fencing near those two trees and along other sections of the back edge of the yard was destroyed.

Of course, Ike also dumped a lot of debris in the pool, but that left no permanent damage, nothing that a few post-Ike swims couldn’t take care of. And as brief as our power loss was (under 12 hours), that was still enough to send some of our refrigerator contents to the trash, but that bit of loss has to be expected of a hurricane.

[Additional Ike-related aftermath content: Hurricane Ike Aftermath]

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Written by macheide

18 September 2008 at 4:20 pm

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