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Ike Recovery Order

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Assuming that you have lost all public services due to Ike, rank in order (“1” being first, of course, then successively on) your personal preference for the order by which you would want restoration of services (with the order listed here not intended to suggest any particular desired preference):

___ Electricity
___ Water / Sewage
___ Home Gas (e.g., for stove, water heater, backyard grill, etc.)
___ Automobile Gas
___ Satellite/Cable TV
___ Landline Phone Access
___ Cell Phone Network Access
___ Internet Access
___ Trash Pickup
___ Grocery Store (with all basics available)
___ Postal Delivery
___ Airport
___ Mass Transit (bus, light rail, etc.)
___ Other (Identify) ___________________
___ Other (Identify) ___________________
___ Other (Identify) ___________________
___ Other (Identify) ___________________
___ Other (Identify) ___________________
___ Other (Identify) ___________________

[Additional Ike-related aftermath content: Hurricane Ike Aftermath]

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Written by macheide

15 September 2008 at 10:09 am

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