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Inland Damage from Ike

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Compared to the utter devastation down at Gilchrist and Crystal Beach and Port Bolivar, it feels almost petty to show some of what Ike did inland, near us. Even so, this video walk along several streets in the Kirkwood South neighborhood near Beamer and Beltway 8, taken about 12 hours after Ike made landfall in Galveston, is pretty much what you will see step after step after step, mile after mile, if you walk around here perpendicular to Ike’s path. Turn and walk the 20+ miles from here down to Galveston, and it only gets worse the closer you get to the Gulf.

[And I can’t resist adding a side comment about YouTube’s practice of selecting one frame from any video to represent what you can expect to see once you hit play. I challenge any viewer: Is it possible to find any frame in this clip with any less damage than the one picked out by YouTube editors??? Like, you can’t be any less representative than YouTube must have strained to be on this one. (Maybe they work as insurance adjusters on the side?)]

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13 September 2008 at 2:43 pm

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Partly Unplugged

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About 15 minutes shy of 12 hours. That’s how long we went without power at our house on account of Ike. Barely enough time for the storm to even move over us: winds were already gale force when our power finally went out the final time, after flicking off then back on over a dozen times as the storm approached; and leftover wind was still brisk when our power returned. Our neighborhood must have won the power lottery: almost nobody in Houston and surrounding areas can boast of having power back before 12:53pm on the same day Ike hit; and too many will be forced to wait a week or much longer before they again have electricity.

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Written by macheide

13 September 2008 at 12:53 pm

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