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After using the Weather Channel as our TV’s home base for most of the early part of the week, this morning I turned to Houston’s ABC 13 channel for some local insights on Hurricane Ike. Then wound up just leaving 13 on most of the day, with only brief digressions to check on the market and to watch some of our usual weekday afternoon line-up. (No, that afternoon lineup did not include Cash Cab. The Discovery Channel has made it quite clear they don’t care to have viewers turn Cash Cab into a habit.)

Which gave me wall-to-wall coverage of Hurricane Ike. No soap operas or any of the other usual junk. No obnoxious commercials, whether political or not. Amazingly, not a single word about the 7th anniversary that today was. Just Ike. Finally, TV programming that isn’t just bland background noise!

But I won’t bother giving a link to ABC 13’s website. For one thing, their pages are poorly designed bandwidth hogs. I’m not interested in waiting forever until all their overhead for each and every page has to completely reload before I can follow any link to a story or whatnot. More so than that, though, I have a serious beef with a website that hasn’t a clue about the need for some degree of permanence to it. Seriously, if I were to give any link to ABC 13 content about Ike, I have a much lower expectation that the link would still be working after Ike has vanished over the horizon than the survival rate I might expect of a western Galveston beachhouse surviving Ike’s storm surge.

Still, good TV coverage on the storm. The kind of TV we’ll sorely miss after Ike has departed.

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Written by macheide

11 September 2008 at 9:05 pm

Posted in television


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