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Ike, Meet Lowell?

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About 4:30pm CDT here south of Houston, we just went through a brief but rather steady downpour.

A rain band coming in from Hurricane Ike this early on??

Back inside, I check out the satellite images and find a possible surprise. Which can be seen from this snapshot of a series of moving satellite images – not the best one of the set for showing the entire connection I’ll point to, but perhaps the best snapshot for showing the strength of a second system: Pacific Tropical Depression Lowell, currently coming in on the west coast of Mexico. As a named tropical system, Lowell will die on Mexico’s west coast before dark tonight. But what is all that precipitation stretching up from Lowell across Mexico deep into Texas. Is that junk spit out by Lowell before it made landfall? Or just something else that came in from the western U.S. to merge with a leading edge of Lowell?

Because what we saw here this afternoon seems to have come in at us from the west, from a stray strand leaning east from that large Mexican system. The only connection with Ike seems to maybe have come from a ultra-long spiral that reaches from Ike clear down through Guatemaula and back up, but reaching back as far as Houston only after connecting up with that main Mexican system. (Ignore what are probably Ike-related gray splotches near Houston in the image given in this post. Although this pic seemed the best for pointing to Lowell, it represents conditions about 3 hours before our little downpour. Around the time of the downpour, the only stuff overhead here was coming in a band stretching up from our southwest.)

More importantly, where is that stuff currently in western Texas headed? And if it connects up with Ike, what does that do? I’m sure the meteorologists have looked at all this; and it must amount to nothing, since we’ve heard nary a word about anything coming into Houston through our back door. Only Ike knocking on the front door. Still, tell me where our 4:30pm rain came from this afternoon, eh?

And I’m smirking a little at all any evacuees who decided against driving up to Dallas because of Ike’s projected northern bearing, choosing instead to head west to San Antonio . . . perhaps only to face drenching rain coming up at them from the southwest.

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Written by macheide

11 September 2008 at 4:45 pm

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