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Oh come on, John. Look your would-be constituents straight in the eye, just once, and tell them what they already know anyway. No? Oh, that’s right: everyone also knows your idea of the truth is no better than that of the failed Administration you have ever-distant dreams (our increasingly scary nightmares) of carrying on for another sad four years.

One can only hope the American voter is not as stupid as your cynical move demeans us as being. And for every weak vote this political joke swings your way, that there will be at least ten who see it for the sad display of absence of leadership and sound decision-making that it is. And that any “bump” this gives you in the polls is nothing more than the illusion that comes from hitting the car ceiling when you’ve been blind enough to steer through a huge pothole.

(And no, it is not “mean-spirited” to expect that a presidential candidate’s first major decision show some intelligence and wisdom beyond very shallow politics thinly veiled behind a pitiful lie.)

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Written by macheide

29 August 2008 at 2:47 pm

Posted in jourbeau


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