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“spitting in wine glass”

Huh? Well, so last night I reinstated a practice I’ve not done for years: keeping a pen and some blank paper close at hand on my nightstand, then jotting down notes as I drowse half-awake during the night, sometimes an idea for an image of a poem, sometimes something I might want to sketch, sometimes an idea for my work, but usually just a scrap of a dream. Typically limiting the note to the bare essential of what I figure will trigger my memory the following morning.

So, this morning’s scribble was supposed to be enough to flip the switch on for a dream I had during my first two hours of sleep. At the time I wrote it, I remember holding out hopes that I would also remember the preceding dream sequence, which at the time was still fresh enough to feel like an obvious prelude to the spitting scene. And then a whole series of followthrough sequences, all of which felt too obvious to me at the time, so even during drowsing moments I felt no necessity to write down anything further.

Alas and alak! Now, all I have is a tangled bedhead that distantly senses that the spitting was a sacred ritual, accepted and expected by the recipient of the wine, not at all meant as an insult. But none of the rest of last night’s dreaming survived. All ran off, laughing at that scribbled note left on my nightstand.

bumper sticker [] - bedhead

Written by macheide

27 August 2008 at 7:41 am

Posted in bedhead


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