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Fool Me Once

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“Free”? Verizon must have practicing their impression of the Administration on how to twist the English language (as in, we’ll set you “free” by putting our next several generations deep in debt). According to a very rude customer rep after an hour’s wait at their Baybrook store, we’d be paying upwards of $300 for their “free” Blackberry device, even before getting around to the extra monthly charge we figured would go with the upgraded service.

The Baybrook rep thinks good customer service means dismissively shrugging that this interpretation of “free” is the same one can anticipate from any other wireless service provider. Like, “Take it or leave it, sucker,” with attitude. There, at least, they have a point. An AT&T executive arrogantly claims, “Good service is not what you pay for,” as if I would then continue to pay just for the privilege of the bad service he acknowledged of AT&T. (In that case, I would rather pay to leave – and take many others with me – than continue to pay to get the nothing he promised if I were to stay.)

But a tip of the cell phone to Verizon’s Jason, reached quickly through a call to Verizon. Instead of the Baybrook store’s kiss-off, Jason took the time to work through a complex web of tangled arrangements to come to a resolution. Still not free, so Verizon’s text message staff need a lesson or two in the seriousness of false advertizing. But whereas we were rather close to redeeming the waste of our time at the Baybrook store by seeking a new wireless provider, credit Jason with making us feel like renewing our contracts for the foreseeable future.

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26 August 2008 at 6:20 pm

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