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It happens every single time. If there is a handyman task to be done around the house, I can always find the wrong way to do it. Doesn’t matter even when I read the instructions, which I admit to doing on this simple task – didn’t help me avoid my usual bloopers.

This task: mount three towel hooks on each of three upstairs bathroom doors. First minor blooper: attempting to drill holes in a wooden door with a plaster drill bit. Second blooper: attaching the mount to the door horizontally, when it was supposed to be mounted vertically. The instructions neglected to mention that, no doubt assuming that my type would never be permitted to threaten the house with my special talents.

Worst mistake: failing to cool the bathrooms down before starting what ought to have been a 15-minute task, but which I managed eventually to complete in what was it, an hour and a half?

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Written by macheide

24 August 2008 at 3:57 pm

Posted in homeowner


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