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Missing Actuary

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For almost a decade now, I’ve wanted categories for my journalling so much that I constructed complicated workarounds when the architects of opendiary, then in like kind of livejournal, ignored pleas for the capability until left too far behind by the rest of the blogosphere.

Here, WordPress has both categories and tags, separately. But frequently seems confused about what it’s doing with them, and why. For example, sending you to WordPress-wide tag collections if you click on the category of a specific post. Then managed to completely turn me off to tags altogether with the programming blunder it committed this past May.

I’m still yanking some of the old tags I made the mistake of slapping on posts before WordPress made the unilateral decision to turn those tags into an excuse for them to hijack my posts as bulletin boards for outside blogs I didn’t care to have associated with my content. And since, as noted, WordPress doesn’t seem to know the difference between categories versus tags, I’m now starting the long process of converting my categories as well.

Tonight that process focused on what had been my “actuary” category, now altered to my “άctuary” category. Amusing, it was, what that did to the WordPress “actuarytag page, as shown in the screenshot above. My blog used to be the featured blog there; and as I changed my category over, each of my posts cycled through that featured blog block at the top of that WordPress page. Now that I have nothing in my old “actuary” category, the WordPress “actuary” tag page seems lost. Eventually they’ll pick one of those other blogs to feature there. Until then, they only point blankly to my blog . . . which then will probably confuse the hell out of anyone (?) silly enough to venture over to the WordPress “actuary” tag page.

I’ll come back around and explain what I’m up to with my own categories and tags (which I will return to, in my own way, in my own time) after a bit more reorganization.

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Written by macheide

23 August 2008 at 9:36 pm

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