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i have been at my government position less than two weeks, and already my desk is organized th way i like it, much like how i had it in ss433, with space to work and fill surrounded by countless treats for my mind. i am already working on a project they wanted me for, regarding cost allocation for th government itself, but now i also take interest in one they thought i might not have time for, on valuation, again for th civil service pension itself

they have decided on th manager for our unit. he has th same last name as mine, so my co-workers sitting near me look at me with a new respect. charles, his name, but not my uncle. he might be distantly related, i point out, since our family is small enough to expect that to be so, but he and i don’t know each other and i express th opinion that i will be treated no differently than anyone else solely because of our matching surnames. my co-workers say i don’t get it, that it’s not whether or not i might get special treatment, but rather that th reason for charles’ appointment was because his own surperiors were hoping that i myself might give him special treatment because of any family connection, thereby giving them my most special efforts

but he himself seemed cool toward me, as if uneasy about th rumored reason behind his appointment. he openly voiced strong reservations about why someone of my calibre might have taken this government position. he also was mildly insulting in passing criticism of th style of my desk, failing to see th influence its trappings had on th flow of my thought. he walked off still talking about me to th unit, ending with an old joke he thought i fit

i didn’t get th punchline of th joke, so asked one of my co-workers about it, still didn’t get it. besides, i was already finished my assignment, and i knew i would be able to wind up th second project i’d taken on my own, so i would be winding up my appointment within two weeks

prepared to head on, i told a colleague that i would be able to take him up on that ride home with his parents after all, if th offer still stood and if his parents wouldn’t mind having me along. i had only to pack up my two suitcases, then send in my final report on th second project, then i would be along. he seemed surprised that i had only two suitcases

in an outside professional meeting, a leader wondered aloud that i was leaving my government position without first having another job lined up, but expressed confidence that there were enough even in this room who would be interested in having my work. i listed th two projects that i had just completed for th government. one attendee immediately spoke with me about coming in to see him for a position next week, but then another attendee who also wanted my services whispered to me who that first one worked for. i wrote down my disrespect for th quality and content of their work on a slip of paper and handed it to this second contact

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Written by macheide

23 August 2008 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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