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disappearing acts

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waiting waiting waiting. i have settled everything and cleaned up, i have gathered th few things i will take with me. i wait only for everyone else to depart for their homes. when i’m th only one left, then i will disappear

i have a ticket for a flight overseas, europe somewhere. but our plane has several intermediate stops up th east coast, dropping off other passengers at each stop until only one other passenger remains with me and th passenger cabin has shrunk to th just enough for th two of us. th pilot turns back to us to ask if either of us wants creamer. he has a trick for snatching some creamer free, by guiding his plane through a newstand’s cash registry line, then picking up some creamer out his window when th person making th coffee is not looking, just before taking off for th next leg of our flight

i am engaged in a chess game with doug. after some wild exchanges, th board resolves to some basic lines, with th diagonals suggesting th basis for a strong mating attack that would give me th win. but th only move he has to guard against my attack happens to open his own diagonal lines. i see th inevitability of my loss before he realizes it, so i resign simply by walking off

both of my rings are on one finger, quite loose. marty is operating a new generation dvd, enthusiastic about what it promises to do for th business. he allows me to hold it to inspect it more closely, after all it is mine. yes, it is mine, but i am not sure they will approve of what i plan: to take it with me when i disappear. it shines in my hand more brightly than fine jewelry

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21 August 2008 at 4:04 am

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