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“Have some beans,” Lindsey encouraged me to at dinner last night. “He doesn’t eat green beans,” Susan explained why my plate remained content with half a chicken breast (very flavorably seasoned with rosemary) and a slice of potato. “I ate green beans at the Thai restaurant,” I protested. “Yes,” Susan admitted, “He does eat green beans spiced with curry.”

“And three-bean salad,” I quickly added. I pile up on three-bean mix at almost any salad bar. “Yes,” Susan gave me the look, “But we know why that is. It’s not for the beans.” OK, yes, it’s true: I will eat almost any veggie if it’s been sufficiently drowned in vinegar. “But at least I’m getting some fruits into my diet along with my veggies,” I offered as paltry excuse. Fruits? Yes, fruits. Isn’t vinegar made from apples?

Thereby launching a moderately invigorating dinnertime debate over exactly what one uses to make vinegar. That’s right: a dinner table with four boneheads who were not really sure where vinegar comes from. Our pantry’s vinegar bottle was of no help, not only failing to provide any list of ingredients, but also lacking any nutritional information whatsoever. Our dinner-question researcher ChaCha skipped the first time we asked, then told us a little of how vinegar emerges from some distilling process without helping us on what one throws into the distillery. This must be why we happened to have a laptop close to the dinner table: it took more poking around on the Internet than one might have thought necessary, but we found that vinegar can come not only from apples, but from grapes, corn and other grains, and maybe even from wood.

OK, so early this afternoon after Susan returned home from her morning of work, with me telecommuting from the corner of our room, she was flipping channels on the TV, what with NBC’s typically mediocre Olympics programming having gone stale well before its expiration date. Whereupon she chances upon a History Channel program on Acid, coming into the middle of the program exactly as the topic turned to how vinegar is made.

Sweet. Vinegary sweet. What should we chat about over dinner tonight, eh?

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Written by macheide

20 August 2008 at 1:36 pm

Posted in television


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