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IDEA will be the platform for 21st Century Disclosure

SEC_Investor_Ed @ 10:14am

IDEA will make it easier for investors to get information.

SEC_Investor_Ed @ 10:15am

IDEA will make it easier for investors to decide how to allocate their savings and investments.

SEC_Investor_Ed @ 10:16am

I have a better idea. When someone uses twitter to spam my cell phone, I turn them off. And I don’t bother going back later to check to see if they’ve learned how to microblog properly. Besides, I already get SEC press releases through their XML feed, not to mention tons of other SEC info through other feeds. SEC via twitter has been a mildly diverting extra for a few weeks, but it’s not worth being spammed for.

As for the new SEC effort to improve the disclosures we’ve been getting through EDGAR, I’ll certainly love it when I see it, but I don’t expect that to happen until I reach the afterlife, where all information is perfect and easily accessible. Speaking as one whose fave pastime has been to compose what is quite likely the best collection of 10k pension data anywhere, we’ve already seen far too much false pension analysis based on poorly collected databases that apparently rely too much on staff with little or no knowledge of the data they are handling. That together with how pitifully non-uniform pension disclosures are company to company and year to year will keep pension disclosures from being “easier” for investors to assimilate, analyze and understand for the next generation and beyond, with or without the SEC’s IDEA, with or without FASB’s distracted efforts (e.g., its current staff exercise on pension asset allocation information, which will do nothing to improve the overall usefulness of pension disclosure).

Start by actually getting companies to standardize their disclosures, then maybe a new reporting system might improve the side of things that investors need to deal with. Build the system on the disclosure muddle that exists, and it’s just as difficult to use as ever.

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19 August 2008 at 1:35 pm

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