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a worrisome hole

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having completed my assignment, i hopped in my car, headed over th overpass and turned left to head south down th interstate. got out th map to check on where i would need to go for th second half of my journey, but th map was difficult to unfold while driving and almost obscured my vision completely, so i just pushed it into a messy unfolded pile on th passenger seat. i knew where i needed to get off th interstate anyway, and i figured i could find my way from there, since that road would run into th final interstate i would need to pick up near th end of my journey

but at my destination, i realized that i could not remember a single instant of th remainder of th trip. clearly i had managed to do th entire drive and had made it safely, but i could not help but wonder if i had done th drive entirely in a fugue state, that’s how far away from me any possible memory of th trip felt

th hole in my memory worried me

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Written by macheide

19 August 2008 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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