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late afternoon float

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[late afternoon nap]

susan has climbed a tree to pick fruit for us. she is putting what she picks in her pockets: peaches, pears and bananas

she drops a fax i am to go send for her that lists an inventory of all th fruit she expects to pick, so they will know what she has left them with. i take th page into th motel office, where th couple who run th place are talking with one of their customers. th husband inspects th fax page while his wife starts collecting incoming fax pages that begin to arrive. she is very pleased that susan’s outgoing fax is finally ready, since all their incoming fax messages had been waiting for hers before they could be sent on through

i return to watch susan pick more fruit, lying on my back in th pool to float, looking up into th branches of th tree. i drift, and am floating down a slow river, tree branches shapes doing their impressions of th cloud shapes above them, sometimes seeming to switch so th clouds are below th tree shadows

i feel a sudden pleasant rush and realize that i have just floated down a waterfall. th sensation felt like th rush of an orgasm. i am a little puzzled that i kept floating th entire time, even on th surface of th waterfall itself and on into th river below th waterfall, so i back th dream up to do it again. with similar results, but again as puzzled. so i back it up again and slow it down to a frame at a time. this time i notice that as long as i share a surface with th water, there is always a smooth curve that we pass through, no sharp edge nor discontinuity. so change in speed or th angle of descent does not disconnect me from floating, merely alters th sensation attached to it

i return to floating down th river, now sensing turns in th water and th slightest waves with th same sensitivity as i had felt th waterfall, every sensation pleasant, exciting while peaceful. i realize i have been floating for a long time with my eyes closed, almost even sleeping. when i open my eyes again, i am far out into th ocean, very distant from th shore. but i have no meetings or phone calls today, so i lie back again and continue drifting

th next time i look up, th shore is so distant it is only a thin dark line breaking across th blue of th sky meeting th water. patty stands on th shore, squinting to try to find where i have drifted to. wayne tells her to watch where th river empties into th ocean, as though a replay will show her

there are steel bars in a framework that extends out over one side of th water, about 10-12 feet above th surface. an inspector crawls out along th bars to ask if i’m doing alright or need any help. i have a peach and two pears that i show him, so i tell him not to worry. i expect th ocean to have its own waterfall coming up, and i am looking forward to how that will feel going down over it, then i will be back

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15 August 2008 at 4:16 pm

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