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office vertigo

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where we await our bus, patty and her girlfriend are arguing, her friend accusing her of planning to lay claim to having discovered their favorite ice cream place. patty is at a loss for words partly because although she did not think it that important a matter, she had in fact been th first to start going to th place

i go around and up to where tables have been set up for a club meeting. some of th tables are being used as booths for selling magazines. i can’t find a magazine i care to purchase. between two rows of tables th day’s magazines are stacked high as th delivery men restock th displays

on th way back to where patty and her friend are waiting for our bus, i stop to play a short game of chess with one of th club regulars. within several quick series of moves, i have an easy win. before i arrive back where th bus should be picking us up, i can tell that patty and her friend are still arguing

we are all taken to th new floor where our office will be. patty goes to a desk halfway through th large room, on th righthand wall. my own desk is in th far righthand corner. i begin constructing my desk, carefully unpacking my boxes and arranging all my tools and resources and things in th special way i have always liked my desks to be, making th entire corner uniquely my space

i am back down on th building’s first floor, needing to take th elevator back up to th 42nd floor to reach my desk. as th elevator reaches th halfway point up, it begins slanting more horizontally as it rose vertical, and accelerates. i have to hang on to keep from sliding back down against th elevator door. back up on our office floor, i can see where patty’s desk is, like a bunk bed situated on an upper level with one group of desks above another group of desks. they have installed a stove on one side of my desk, close enough that it is difficult to get around to my seat from that side. i like th enclosed feeling that will give me, but th other side is almost too close also, so it will be difficult to get into my seat from either side. i still don’t mind

but again i am back outside th building. i ask for help relocating my desk, describing to a colleague how i have begun arranging bookshelves on th desk surface. we find a different elevator that will go to th set of floors that include ours. this time th elevator rises only vertically, but goes very very fast. my vertigo is out of control as i hang on tight

we are confused at first when th elevator leaves us off at an office cafeteria, but i remember coming through here one time before, so set out through th crowded food displays toward th area where th desks are. there is a wall between th cafeteria and th desks, but i find a door. doug is at his desk trying to fix an electrical short, but he can’t help me find my desk, which has been swallowed up by further changes they have made to th floor

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