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I hadn’t noticed it before. But back a few weeks ago when I was chauffer for a weekend, there was one instant when my hands left the steering wheel, and we made a very decided move toward the right ditch. So, the Blue Bug has needed realignment.

And has made that point increasingly more emphatically with every mile since then. Seems I’ve almost had to fight to keep the vehicle pointed straight forward, and the ride has been getting more bumpy as though bumping right-left-right-left-right-left. I’m not sure it would have been safe to push off getting this fixed too very much longer.

Susan and I took the car over to Pearland this afternoon to have it attended to. The mechanic showed us up under the tires, pointing out some rods with too much slack, needing to be replaced. A bit more expensive than a simple realignment, but not too bad considering how old the Blue Bug is getting. And now she rides just as smooth as new, and once again I can take my hands off the steering wheel without losing control.

Another customer who came in shortly before our departure, taking passing interest that I was tapping away on a laptop, made a comment about me bringing my work along. Not work, actually – I was relaxing with my fave pastime, currently trudging through the month’s worth of data collection and analysis that will give me a five-year comparison of net periodic pension costs with how pension costs would be without the deferral and smoothing of current accounting standards. He asked if I knew anything about his own pension plan, and less than ten seconds after he told me its name, I was giving him the bad news about what PPA06 added to the law for critical multiemployer plans. Quite unofficially, of course. But it sure is nice to have a spreadsheet with so much information right at my fingertips.

But no snapshots. I didn’t think to get a pic of that view of the Blue Bug that I don’t normally see, from beneath its wheels. And this damnable laptop gave me one of its random crashes right in the middle of transferring the few pix I did take this afternoon, rendering all those files inaccessible. Time to get the laptop realigned – throwing it against the wall should accomplish that, I think.

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Written by macheide

13 August 2008 at 2:40 pm

Posted in abelian


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