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Late Returns

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As much as I prefer the WordPress style I switched to several weeks ago versus what I had been using earlier, one huge drawback is this style’s lack of a timestamp to accompany the datestamp. So I’ll have to point out on my own that this snapshot is taken at 2:33am. Kelly and Nat were supposed to be back in town from their trip by around 9 or 10pm last night; but their flight was delayed on an earlier leg, and they were unable to board an alternative flight on standby.

Happens to every airline. Difference with others is that on the likes of American, even your pilot cracks jokes about delays being standard operating procedure, like you were the fool to expect their schedule to mean anything. Southwest never ceases delivering top-quality customer service, not even when unforeseen circumstances interfere.

Still, I would have preferred it to have been me rather than the kids.

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Written by macheide

11 August 2008 at 2:33 am

Posted in paterfamilias


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