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Southwest from the Nest

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We have an empty nest for the weekend. Kelly and Nat are flying out of Hobby up to Kansasa City, from there to drive up to Des Moines, to attend their uncle’s wedding. Jenny will be joining them, flying up from Dallas tomorrow.

All flying Southwest, of course. Why anyone would fly American or any of the other loser airlines who are working so hard these days to drive customers away, I can’t figure out. Even if Southwest doesn’t have a route to where you’re going, you’re still better off flying to the nearest airport they do fly to, then renting a car and driving the rest of the way. Seriously.

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7 August 2008 at 4:23 pm

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Blue Sucks

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Blue takes a liking to his sister‘s paw.

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7 August 2008 at 2:30 pm

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Telemarketers Keep Out

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I could have sworn that in addition to our land line, I had also registered our cell phones with the National Do Not Call Registry. But just in case I failed to do so before – or to update my e-mail addy with the NDNCR even if I’m duplicating the registration of the phone numbers – the cell phone numbers for both Susan and me are now off-limits to telemarketers. And I do file complaints against offenders, and I do pursue those complaints. Telemarketers should get the point. They have no market here.

Politicians who have carved out exemptions for themselves should get a brain too. If a person feels strongly enough opposed to being bothered by a telemarketer late Sunday evening, he’s not going to switch his vote because you feel like you have some special right to invade his privacy . . . unless it would be to switch to voting against you.

Ditto charities and tax-exempt organizations. I am one who loves a good ballet or opera. But after the egregious commando telemarketing tactics of the Houston Ballet, the only ballet performances you’ll catch me at will be when I’m out of town on business or vacation, like maybe our next visit to Manhattan.

Ditto the exemption for companies that have previously done business with me. If we still have an on-going business relationship, such as the one I have with our exterminator, then fine – don’t wait for me to call if there’s something you need to do to watch out for my interests, as long as you don’t cross the line too many telemarketers do and barge in when normal people have long ago headed off to sleep. But braindead enterprises like Sears who persist in using the mistake I made in ever doing business with them as an excuse for continuing to set up camp in my home years after I told them to get lost should understand that their tactics only make their services and products less desireable than they already were.

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7 August 2008 at 1:02 pm

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happens to us all

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we all poke through th special shoes left by those who have just completed their turn on th favorite ride of all, looking for our size. then wait in line for our turn. i walk around outside th ride’s waiting room, aware of what is coming, then look for a way back in

at th other end of th ride, i wait for my computers to emerge from a long chute through which all of our luggage is being sent for security inspection, everything getting clogged. both of my computers come out ok, i leave them sitting bagged up in th flight waiting room while taking a restroom break, then am angry with myself for not taking th equipment with me upon finding it gone when i return

but i am using one of my other laptops to work on a draft article for our school newspaper in th second classroom from th west door. i overhear that mr richards will be resigning at th end of th current school term and whisper th rumor to you, but you are busy collaborating with your sister on your own newspaper article

we both move into mr richards’ room to finish our work. now we are working side by side at th same desk, everyone is pleased to see us teaming up together. i will be responsible for th entire front page of th newspaper, you will be writing th entire back page. i complete my work, then go back over it to edit it down so it will fit on th front page, since i have written enough for 4-5 pages. you are finished th back page and look over my shoulder to assist me in cutting out unnecessary content, including videos of th high-cresting waves during th height of th storm

you pack up my shirts and ties for me in a suit bag. but i have lost my computers again. this time i shrug it off, since i know i have all of my essential content stored on a special private computer midway in size between a pda and a laptop. then as you and i walk toward th bus terminal, i realize i have also lost that computer. you reassure me, telling me it happens to us all

i have not lost anything that i cannot do without

mm is there, pleased to see us walking hand in hand. th bus terminal has displays like in th woman’s section of a large department store. we share testing th scent of a perfume mm had been thinking of purchasing. in th distance, my computers and our other things and our experiences wait for our return in a brightly lit version of argentina. we know we may never make it back, but that no longer matters

th clinic waiting room is almost empty. we sit close together on th wooden bench, laughing and sharing little secrets as we await our turn. th waiting room fills up with crowds of patients. although we have been there long before most of them, apparently they are all with one of th patients who had been waiting there when we arrived, and they are all called in together, leaving us alone together on th bench. you laugh, happy for th time you are sharing with me

we kiss. you look into th distance up toward th ceiling, lost in th feeling. i feel like a young boy on his first bumbling kiss. my arms are around you, holding you close as we kiss more deeply

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7 August 2008 at 4:04 am

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