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No Delay, No Spread

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Today I will not wait to get started.

Today my back will move without pain.

Today I will compose my first snapshot of how pension costs would have looked without the deferral and smoothing methodologies that have been in force the past two decades. I will know it when I see it.

Today I will send out my collection of scratch marks on the draft regulation I’ve been inspecting so closely. Reserving the substantive comment for next Monday and Wednesday.

Today I will search for a new home and auto insurer. One for whom their own claims mean something honest when the insured has never made any.

Today I will begin to move videos for which I made the mistake of using Google to host. I really should have known better.

Today I will steam clean. And I will bob in the pool. Divergent approaches to relaxation.

And today I will make some of my best french toast ever for breakfast. Then maybe grill for dinner, if so desired.

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Written by macheide

2 August 2008 at 2:00 am

Posted in to morrow


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