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Wondering if Knol will become non-lame any time soon?

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No. It won’t. Not soon, not eventually, not ever.

As several recent of my rants have made clear, I’m not the least impressed by the quality control procedures and programming standards of anything Google. And Knol, their quite lame attempt to pretend at superior intelligence over Wikipedia, has no more promise beyond any of the rest of Google’s mediocre fare.

I’m reminded of what I’ve always called the “WSJ disorder.” Back before I knew better, I used to believe most of what I would see in the Wall Street Journal. Until I became sufficiently expert in pension matters to start noticing something odd: although all the rest of the Journal’s content seemed as trustworthy as ever, they never seemed to get it right whenever they ran an article about pensions. Only when I added further expertise on another topic to my resume and noticed the WSJ’s cancer spreading did I realize the truth of it. Beyond the simple reporting of facts such as closing prices, the only WSJ content you can trust is any topic you don’t know enough about to know better.

Which is what Knol excels in from the start. Add Google’s penchant for reaching lower than wherever they randomly happen to fall, and there’s no reason to come back to Knol anytime later to see if they’ve ditched the crutches.

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Written by macheide

1 August 2008 at 7:03 am

Posted in reprobate


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