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Here Comes the Storm

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At dusk in Houston, we’re starting to see cloud cover from Gustav. I still haven’t gotten around to filling the Blue Bug‘s tank, but I don’t expect to regret my procrastination. Yes, we’ll be “wise” enough to keep an eye on the storm reports through the evening as it takes aim at New Orleans, but blame that more on the void in any other good TV than on any local weather threat. Even if the remnants veer westward, as some projections send it, we’ll be on the clean side of things and at most see a little leftover wind, hardly enough to make me worry about taking in the lawn furniture. Watch me yawn.

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31 August 2008 at 6:43 pm

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Thank the Gods for Gustav

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What luck! Usually you just can’t script these things so perfectly, can you?

     GEORGE:   Whew!!  Now I have a good excuse
not to show up at the convention!

JOHN: Whew!! Now he has a good excuse
not to show up at the convention!

(Equally scripted: The GOP craves political redemption from Gustav without having the truth be acknowledged that that’s what they want. Heck of a job, Georgie.)

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31 August 2008 at 2:06 pm

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UH Cheer Nat

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Nat and her UH Cheer associates encourage the UH football team to a 55-3 win over Southern in the first game of the 2008 season.

(Side Note: No need to take the stadium chairs next time. But the mist fan came in handy. And if we want any snacks, it might be good to get them before the game starts.)

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30 August 2008 at 8:48 pm

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Watching Steam Clean

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Blue watches me push the steam cleaner over the foyer rug. He should run warn his furry friends that this is not one of my steamclean relaxation moments. That I will lie in wait to find out who has been making this their private toilet. And intend to exact justice. A certain little chihuahua and his person should take heed.

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30 August 2008 at 3:36 pm

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Into Labor Day Weekend

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Today I will not worry about our hurricane plans. I will take the Blue Bug out to top off its tank, but that will be because gas prices are lower than I’ve seen in months, not because of any threat from Gustav.

Today I will help backwash the pool. And pretending that our backyard has been liberated of evil terrorist spiders, I will swim for the first time in over a week.

Today I will steam clean the foyer rug. Again. And look into getting some Depend outfits for a few of our furry friends.

Today I will attend a “real” college football game for the first time in my life. None of the three colleges I attended had football teams. And sorry UMHB, but the fledgling football team they had still so soon after going co-ed was about as close to serious college football as Palin is to being a serious VP candidate.

Today I will make some more of my best french toast ever for breakfast. Without the garlic.

And today I will try to catch up on the sleep I’ve been missing this entire month. All of it. All today. Which might mean I might not get all the rest of this done today. But there’s always to morrow.

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30 August 2008 at 2:00 am

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Not Your Daddy’s Pension Cost

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Here’s another graph you won’t see anywhere else. There’s no lack of chatter about what this chart points at; but as far as I know, nobody else has run the figures.

For fiscal years 2003 through 2007, we’re showing the net periodic pension cost (red triangles) for S&P 500 companies that sponsor defined benefit pension plans, as determined under GAAP as prescribed by SFAS 87. In constrast, we then show what the “immediate” pension cost (orange circles) would have been for those same companies.

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29 August 2008 at 8:20 pm

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Only a Game

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Oh come on, John. Look your would-be constituents straight in the eye, just once, and tell them what they already know anyway. No? Oh, that’s right: everyone also knows your idea of the truth is no better than that of the failed Administration you have ever-distant dreams (our increasingly scary nightmares) of carrying on for another sad four years.

One can only hope the American voter is not as stupid as your cynical move demeans us as being. And for every weak vote this political joke swings your way, that there will be at least ten who see it for the sad display of absence of leadership and sound decision-making that it is. And that any “bump” this gives you in the polls is nothing more than the illusion that comes from hitting the car ceiling when you’ve been blind enough to steer through a huge pothole.

(And no, it is not “mean-spirited” to expect that a presidential candidate’s first major decision show some intelligence and wisdom beyond very shallow politics thinly veiled behind a pitiful lie.)

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29 August 2008 at 2:47 pm

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