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Forget Something, Mister?

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So I’m through building security and halfway out to my car before I realize I’m without my keys. And you know how I hate retracing my steps once I’ve headed off. Almost anything else, and I’d just leave it until next week when I get back into the office. For my car keys, that would be difficult to pull off.

So I trudge back up to my office. Brief panic sets in as my eyes quickly scan my ultra-clean desk space – no keys!! Amazing, the dense thunderclouds of dark visions that swept through my head in the microsecond before I lucked into seeing what the snapshot here reveals. As obvious as it appears when at the center of focus, it would have been so easy to overlook it. And then how stupid I would have felt if we’d found them after I’d gone through whatever turmoil might have pursued me had I not seen where I’d left the keys.

So have I just been working too hard this week? Nah. I’m a noodlenoggin.

(Postscript: Mildly curious that the office drama of the week involved temporary loss of the office keys, raising the spectre of potential security breaches and the temporary inaccessibility of locked files and mail, among other headaches.)

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Written by macheide

30 July 2008 at 4:13 pm

Posted in noodlenoggin


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