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Too Cuil

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Used to be, I read just about anything and everything I could crossing my RSS feeds and fave websites and whatnot, like when I used to read the Wall Street Journal and the Sunday New York Times and several dozen magazines cover to cover. Haven’t been keeping up with that so much lately, so I didn’t catch the rumors that a new Internet search engine was on the verge.

So when I ranted yesterday about all the Google services I find to be so obviously deficient, I hesitated to add “even Internet search” to the list. Not due to any satisfaction with Google’s search capabilities – of all of Google’s missteps, it’s most classic feature may in the end turn out to be its greatest failure, spammers being only the ugliest illustration of how easy it has been for “search engine optimization” to google-distort the Internet to the point where search results become increasingly devalued, useless, approaching the meaninglessness that had characterized typical search engine results before Google attempted its revolution. So yes, I did want to add Google’s search to yesterday’s rant. Only, I wasn’t sure what I might use in lieu of Google for my Internet searching. Certainly not MSN’s anemic attempt at it, not even if they were to pay me for it.

Little did I know, less than a day later, we have the answer: Cuil. I heard of Cuil this morning on NPR, then managed to buck the reported crowds supposedly clogging it through the day to use it numerous times in connection with several workday needs. My initial impression is very favorable. And unlike how very quickly an initial favorable impression of a Google feature tends to sour, my impressions of Cuil only grew stronger through the day as I used it more.

Count me as a convert on Cuil’s very first day.

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28 July 2008 at 8:35 pm

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