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Google Booger

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Without exception, it’s my experience that anyone who compliments or recommends Google SMS turns out to be someone who hasn’t actually used Google SMS more than a handful of times. And believe me, this is a classic instance of any favorable first impressions being extremely misguided.

Matter of fact, I am of the strong opinion that Google’s own workforce – from the highest executives to the rank and file, including the people who even work on the SMS feature itself – themselves never use Google SMS. Unless they are so used to the Google mediocrity that infects every other thing Google touches, that they just shrug off how ridiculously stupid Google SMS actually is.

Like any of the images I post, better detail can be seen by clicking the image over to the larger gallery version. Not that it matters much in this case, since I’ll elaborate here. Although I long ago gave up trusting Google SMS for anything else, I do still call on the service from time to time to check in on basic stock market moves when I’m not connected to the Internet. And of course I don’t waste keystrokes typing the text in everytime I want to check in: I just go to my cell phone’s outbox and re-send the saved message “Stock DJI” to Google. Same message every single time. So any software with any reasonable quality standards should give a predictable result every single time, right? For Google SMS, that sort of predictability means that about once every 20-30 times that text is sent, you can expect to see an address for Dow Jones, even though you’ll then get the current quote for the Dow Jones Industrial if you immediately re-send exactly the same message that delivered that address to you.

Eh, but seriously, that’s not any different from the quality to be expected from anything Google offers, from its video service to its documents service to its haphazard forays into wiki services, and all else without exclusion. If anything, it’s another way of enunciating how desperate Microsoft really is, that they struggle so poorly to try to compete with the likes of this low level of the norm.

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27 July 2008 at 9:37 am

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hurt lyrics

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in th basement, playing songs on one of my devices. bernie has never heard “hurt” before, and when johnny cash’s version is played, he asks me to write down th words for him. throughout th entire house, i cannot find any paper with enough space to write out th song, and i have trouble writing when i finally attempt to use th empty spaces on some old brochures

we are sent out two by two, each one of us assigned to speak to eight other people, seeking to convert them

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27 July 2008 at 4:04 am

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