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Retired Dreams

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Would you rather have a job that guarantees you health coverage and a pension or A [sic] job that pays you MORE?

page 68 (of 162) of American Worker Security Poll
by The Rockefeller Foundation

In the 2008 survey that served as the source for the magazine article that Susan pointed to, 71% of respondents said they would prefer the job that guarantees health coverage and a pension, up from the 65% who chose that in the predecessor survey a year earlier (the increase doubtless attributable in no small part to rising disillusionment with the current direction and future prospects of the economy).

In my current employment, I am much too involved with followthrough to the Pension Protection Act to make anything even remotely resembling serious comment. And anything that I do allow myself to say here or in any other post should in no way be taken as any official comment or position.

That said, I am also a private citizen, a future retiree with my own personal opinion on the issue, a voter. . . .and yes, an actuary who knows too much about the subject. And I do sincerely believe that just as my career began with a new age for pensions, coming as it did during the first year that ERISA was effective, conversely my career will end with my retirement on the crest of a wave of pension plan terminations that will generally be viewed as the end of private corporations’ defined benefit pension plans as we have known them. And that if the history of the traditional pension plan were then to be written, that the principles of the personal ownership society (i.e., BYOP) lurking behind PPA will be realized as the virus that finally killed the beast.

Just my personal opinion, but I doubt that’s what that survey’s 71% would prefer.

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23 July 2008 at 2:33 pm

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cougar attack

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i am pulled by an arm around my waist to stand shoulder to shoulder with th song minister to help lead singing on an old familiar hymn. i remember most of th words for th first and second verses, and they don’t get around to singing th third or fourth, as th scattered congregation members wander off to a nearby abandoned quarry half full of water, where baptisms are to be conducted

i notice a cougar lurking after th congregants and want to warn them, but am told they know how to look after themselves. and true enough, when one man is attacked when th people are leaving th quarry, he does manage to fight th cougar off with some assistance from his comrades, although not until some of his flesh had been ripped off by claw and tooth and one of his legs had been badly mauled and broken

we accompany him as we all head off to our cars, which are off in a direction like heading from downtown royersford up to th old junior high. but then worried that we are taking too long, i borrow car keys from th song leader, promising that i will run ahead to th cars and send back medical help for th injured man. as fast as i run, it seems almost like running against a stiff wind, and i never get more than a stone’s throw ahead of th others

in a group of people coming th other way after they were getting off from work, i am surprised to recognize one woman who passes me as being my mother. right after we pass each other she realizes who i was and turns to engage me in conversation. i try to point back to th injured man, who is getting progressively worse, but she shrugs that off as a pretextual excuse

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23 July 2008 at 4:04 am

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Sandwich Worth the Trip

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Favorite sandwich?

meme from susan


Ham sloppy joe, created by CJ‘s in Madison, New Jersey. Absolutely no contest, anywhere I’ve been from coast to coast. There have been times I’ve had a business trip to New York City, when I’ve taken the time to head out to Madison, solely for the treat of enjoying this sandwich once again. If I thought there were any good way to order out all the way from New Jersey to Texas, I’d have a dozen delivered here rather frequently.

Very distant second place: Red Hot & Blue‘s pulled pork sandwich. Unfortunately, I think the closest RH&B comes to me at this point is way up in Dallas. If CJ’s were in Dallas, I’d be up there weekly if at all possible, just for their ham sloppy joes. As is, I’ll settle for a RH&B pulled pork sandwich whenever we get up north to see Jen.

Meanwhile, these days I usually have to settle for a Subway BMT with swiss cheese, the occasional onion, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, oil & vinegar, salt & pepper, and swimming in mayonaise. Or half of a Panera tuna salad sandwich with a bowl of their delicious soup. Or else Susan does a very good home-made tuna salad sandwich with cheese, much much better than anything I can sling together myself (even the few comical times I’ve tried to throw together something reminiscent of CJ’s).

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23 July 2008 at 1:01 am

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