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Double Trouble

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Seriously, I am more relaxed now than I was a year ago, thanks to the job change. But as I’ve found at various times throughout that year, I guess that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to see BP problems. So I suppose it’s time once again to go with my doctor’s advice to double up on my clonidine whenever it gets like this. And maybe this time keep on the double dose after it comes back down. Briefly seemed last autumn like I might be able to reduce my meds to a lower maintenance level, but apparently not so. At least doubling up on the clonidine does bring it back down for me. A year ago, the numbers would get like this too often even when I would be maxing out on my meds.

(But what’s the story with that pulse? I never see numbers like that unless I’m exercising.)

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21 July 2008 at 4:38 pm

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Dolly Folly

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This sort of nonsense is about all we have to show for the millions of dollars and hours wasted on how we might supposedly avoid the mess made of Hurricane Rita‘s evacuation, in which more people died trying to get out of town than were killed by the storm itself.

Everyone did have full tanks when we all got on the road before Rita. That doesn’t help when everyone runs dry crawling along at less than a mile an hour. Posting up signs to tell us to do what we already have the common sense to do doesn’t give us the least bit of confidence that the authorities will be doing their own jobs any differently next time it actually matters.

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21 July 2008 at 3:15 pm

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sans paper & pens

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i am outraged that th annual meeting organizers have decided against making paper and pens available for attendees. they are redirecting funds toward having special favors for particular guests – certain major clients. i say this will be protested strongly on my annual meeting evaluation form, vowing that for once i will now work on that form continuously throughout th meeting, figuring that a meeting committee that would decide against paper and pens likely would be making numerous other blunders worth protest. i point out that th least they could have done would have been to alert attendees in advance that we’d have to bring our own paper and pens, although i know that i would not have read that warning even if they would have issued it

name tags are in a huge pile on tables under tents. i find mine more quickly than th massive pile suggested might have been possible. in fact, there are three different styles there all with my name. i also pick up two blank ones to fill out, so i will have enough in case i misplace any of th others. trying to put one together to put on, i find that i only have two with my name, already having lost th third, while th two extra blank ones have also already gone lost. and th more i try to put one together, th more th pieces of both remaining name tags go scattered, frustrating my efforts. finally i just stuff th pieces of both in my right pocket and head up to th first general session, which has already begun. i’ve suddenly remembered that they have sign-in sheets for each row and i worry i’ll not get myself signed in, but there are many empty rows near th back, so i sit in one with a sign-in sheet that still needs to be started off

several female colleagues come to sit beside me, hoping i will answer some technical questions. only in th way they ask their questions do i realize how odd it is that i’ve been invited back to th company’s annual meeting although i now work for th government. one of my colleagues offers to have someone put my name tag together for me, but i can’t find any of th pieces left in my pocket. they all know who i am anyway

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21 July 2008 at 4:04 am

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