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Home Away from Home

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39 years ago tonight, it was the only television I saw all summer, save for a very brief piece of some commercial in a moment in a bar at the end of our canoe trip. I spent most of the summer apart from all family and all friends, working for 8 weeks at a boys’ camp in exchange for 2 weeks free camping.

The first of my two free weeks was spent training for the second week, when I was one paddler of eight steering four canoes down the upper Delaware River.

My working weeks were spent a week at a time in rotation through the stables, dish and latrine duty, teaching swimming, helping to construct new buildings, and other assignments. The week Apollo 11 was nearing the moon, I was an assistant counsellor for a tent of maybe a dozen younger boys. When the moon landing was scheduled, the entire camp was brought into the mess hall to watch the event.

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20 July 2008 at 8:17 pm

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breaking through prohibition

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patty and i have decided to be together

just as we’re about to leave for th night i see her return to finish up something that had been forgotten. i say me too and head down to th basement to put th pillowcase on, which i’d forgotten. i see her silhouette approaching in th dark, as though that had been what she’d been backtracking to fix. neither of us wanted th other to think we’d backtracked because of th other, yet both of us knew that and all else. after that we didn’t have to say so

her father drove me, she drove her own car. as she paused backing up to let us pull out, her profile left an impression that i knew would be permanent. we had trouble finding where we had a coupon to eat. i was making new plans of where i might go afterward, but her father thought i should return to th prison from where i was on parole

she has told her parents of her wishes to remain here. she indicates that they know why. they have not said so, but she knows that they know. i ask that as long as they know, would she like me to simply say something publicly, to clear th air. she remains concerned of how her parents might react if our friendship is common knowledge, thinking that their current acquiesence might remain intact only as long as nobody has to admit to th truth, so she would rather that we continue to keep it secret

th man who thought he would be her husband must have caught on. he makes a point of telling th news that he will be attending university and taking a job in california. she doesn’t want to lose his friendship, is a jumble of emotions over worrying that he is angry with her but will not say so openly, is concerned over how many people might actually know why she will neverthless remain home, but does still feel strongly at peace with her decision. wayne breaks th tension with an observation over th money it will save, flashes a $100 bill at a woman who is passing by, reminding her how much he spent convincing her to return home, only to then have her go her own way here anyway. as he went off talking with her of what might have been, i told patty i’d show her how stupid i really was by trying to pack up th tool kit. she replied that she would never find cause to think me stupid

but was it her mother who had been behind it all along?

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20 July 2008 at 4:04 am

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