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Of Like Fortune

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Susan‘s is the upper one. I matched hers when the Pei Wei guy brought Kelly, her, and me three new fortune cookies along with a take-out box for the excess dan dan noodles which I’ll save for tomorrow’s lunch.

We did get different numbers, Susan and I. Unless that’s just one of those worthy fortunes.

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19 July 2008 at 7:39 pm

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Desperate Enough

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Dylan and Lady creep up on us through the foliage behind us, hoping we’ll give them a bite of the raisin bagel that Susan brought out to the pool.

We’re about to find out exactly how desperate they are for that bite.

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19 July 2008 at 2:43 pm

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underwater threats

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i have not been hiding, but my whereabouts have not been broadly known and i would prefer to keep my solitude, up in th shadows in th abandoned upper floors of a vacated building. i take a cautious excursion to th lower floors to get some supplies. a class has gathered in th large exhibition floor where one wall has windows several stories high looking out over th city. low clouds are building and i point to where several are swirling into beginnings of tornadoes. as everyone gathers to th windows to watch, one huge tornado does drop down, bending at a right angle as it nears the ground to direct its force against th windows of our building. th building structure and its glass have been built to withstand such force so we remain safe, although one of th window panes is pushed slightly off, and i am knocked down by th force of th wind coming through th small gap. i admit to someone that i do know i am in a dream, but i observe that this is still all real enough that i can finally say i’ve done what i’ve always wanted to do: see a tornado

i am swimming near th harbor floor, helping a recovery effort along with a brother or close colleague. but i overhear a secret discussion between two of th members of th group we are helping. now that we have helped them find what they wanted, they have no further use for us, so plan to kill us, after first doing away with th leader we’d left back up on our little boat. without telling my companion of th exact nature of th urgency, i get him to join me returning to th surface, but on th other side of th boats from where we are expected to come up, so we are not seen treading water, even after th men hunt all around their boat looking for us, so we escape

i’ve been all over th ship we escape to in some previous hide-and-seek games, so i know secret ladders and hidden doors to crawl through to where i won’t be found. from th hidden ledge i go to, i drop little pieces of food and small water balloons on a group of classmates directly below. at first only one small kitten notices me, th others not realizing where th things are being dropped from. then some tourists passing by further off point up toward me, i shrink back into th shadows and try to hush them from giving away my hiding place

many tourists are now lined up at th ledge where i am, wanting to have their pictures taken from this part near th bow of this memorial ship. i’ve been given a special t-shirt for winning one part of a previous competition, so i suggest i could wear that for any snapshot that might be taken of me. a companion and i work our way down to a booth midway back through th deck floor of th ship, to where we fill out a form for processing th photographs we’ll be taking. i fill out one for both him and his sister, since i didn’t have two to do one separately for each of them. only after finishing what i filled out did i notice that their mother had already designated that this snapshot was to be of and for both of them: joyce and doug

doug and i headed toward th bow of th memorial ship. it was like a beatup concrete dock with no railing, th dirty harbor water lapping right up to th surface. i was cautious, not going near th edge. doug reached in and pulled a small snake from th water, barely th width of a finger and th length of a hand, seemed friendly enough when he tapped its head, but i told him not to get that thing anywhere near me. next time i looked up, he was wrapped around by a python-like sea serpent th thickness of his own body, squeezing th breath from him and pulling him off th deck into th water. i asked him if he needed my help, but he never said a word, worried that if i tried to help then i’d be taken too. i thought of trying to hit th serpent with th only thing i had – my camera – but figured that would do no good, so shouted out asking if anyone had a gun. all th tourists shrank back, everyone in horror at th scene as th snake continued to curl around doug and pull him down into th water

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19 July 2008 at 4:04 am

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