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Bay Area Chipolte

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Now that Chipotle has one of its establishments down on Bay Area Boulevard and now that Nat’s done at San Jac, we may never make it over to the Pasadena Chipotle ever again, unless we’re over there for a dental appointment or doing something with the cell phones.

But yes, I’ll take Chipotle over the Freebirds down the street, any day. Freebirds has nothing I would fancy as alternative to Chipotle’s barbacoa.

I do wonder, what compels a burrito joint to decide to co-sponsor a team in the Tour de France? But I won’t bother giving Chipotle’s website’s own link to its idea of what its bicycling sponsorship means, since I’d advise against visiting Chipotle’s website more strongly than how much I do recommend their food. Website designers who forget to provide an alternative to poorly designed flash should be forced to use first-generation browsers for all of their own web surfing (although if they knew why I curse them that penalty, they wouldn’t junk up Chipotle’s good name like they’re doing to begin with, so alas the lesson would no doubt be lost on them).

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17 July 2008 at 7:46 pm

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Territorial Dispute

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After briefly being distracted by the local press, two warring factions return to their ancient feud over who gets to sleep in the crib.

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17 July 2008 at 1:44 pm

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