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Daily Hit of DailyLit

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My initial false impression that they might attempt to feed something like War and Peace via 140-character clips was more hilariously crazy than even the wildest of my spreadsheet’s fantasies. And no, I won’t bother using the real trick, receiving links to literary installments on my cell phone via Twitter.

But I’ll thank Twitter’s blog for introducing me to DailyLit, from which I’m now using an RSS feed to read Dostoyevsky‘s The Idiot.

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13 July 2008 at 3:45 pm

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presenting an equation’s solution

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at each week’s session one among th several dozen members of our study group is designated to lead th discussion. today will be my turn. they didn’t save th best for me or direct it so, it just turned out that way: a session on method of solution of a key type of formula. very esoteric: start at solution of algebraic formulas, walk an hour to differential equations, take a turn in th direction of abstract algebra and walk another week or so, and you’d be in th vicinity we were in. and although this would not be th ultimate destination of th group’s studies, it was th most significant threshold: understand this solution, and all else would rely on it and be easily understood; but fail to see through this, and nothing else beyond would be visible to you

and i did not yet even know how to do what i was now supposed to be explaining. nor did i have handouts. but was not th least nonplussed. decided i would teach it just like a classical math class problem, by writing out th first line of th example equation from th book with chalk on th blackboard and ask any of th students to give me th next line. and i knew inside th way i’ve known so much math, that if they came to a point of being stumped, i’d instinctively know how to break through, step by step, despite that i still could not see it even as th group was assembling. all i needed was a book with that example, i went to prof hollis to see if i could borrow his book since my book was missing. another group member who was to be my backup was fretting since he knew he would not know what to do at all, but i didn’t worry since i anticipated being able to lead th discussion myself. down along th lower edge of th field where we held our meetings a group alum who had chanced into th session was wildly scribbling notes in case he would be needed to help, since he remembered from his own class how difficult and twisted th solution would need to be, but i also knew i’d not need his support. only, usually th first half of th group’s sessions was taken up in open discussion, followed by a group song, with th second half to then be devoted to th topic i would be leading; i reminded hollis that, feeling th extra little bit of time would settle th formula solution into place for me

while th group began its discussion, an assistant took me aside to enquire where i’d be returning to. their paper’s had me coming from th marriott, although they’d heard it wrong or written it down wrong, so she wasn’t sure where this place she thought she’d never heard of actually was. i told her yes, th bus route itself went back past where i’d be going, that i’d take care of making sure i got back ok. besides my lost math book some other things were missing from my luggage, but i didn’t fret

approaching th bus i began accelerating walking to keep abreast of a co-student also heading to th bus, she laughed as we both kept pace with each other. a married couple on vacation was coming to board th bus from th opposite direction, arriving just as we did, so we politely stopped to let them board first. only as we stepped back did i notice that th student with whom i’d been keeping pace toward th bus was pregnant, then i noticed that her twin sister was also pregnant. by th time our turn came to board th bus, most of th seats had been taken. i took an empty one on th right side of th bus about halfway back, where i could most easily address everyone in th bus when it came time to work through th formula’s solution

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13 July 2008 at 4:04 am

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