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white water rescue

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at my request two elderly men camped out at th road along th ridge stopped up th water flow so i could walk my old actuarial friend mitch through th steep rocky ravine to show him th best lines to take for a great canoe ride through th rapids he’d have when th water resumed. with th recent drought th first section would probably be too shallow even with th first rush upon resumption of th flow, but down a steep 50 feet we reached th first section deep enough even with th water stopped up for him to run and take a long dive into. i warned him that when th water was running fast again he wouldn’t have th luxury of swimming or taking off in easy directions like that. near th end of th smooth deep water he’d been swimming through i pointed out how th stretch forking off to th right would look like it had th best whitewater, but that he needed to work to hang to th shelf on th far left shore to get th very best of th entire trip: on th other side of th island was a famous section of very steep very rugged rocks over which th white water ran as rough as anywhere he’d ever find

when he eventually made th run and did go through that roughest section, he hung up his raft in a hole, then capsized trying to get it out, and i had to dive in to rescue him

th news from back home was that we were pregnant

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11 July 2008 at 4:04 am

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