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Barge Litter

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Obviously doesn’t make up for losing Pancake, but we’ve now taken custody of four motherless kittens said to have been discovered on a barge out in the Gulf. Currently we’re planning on permanently adopting Cuddles, the one on the left in this dinnertime pic, and Blue, the one on the right. Magellan, the one in the middle, and Baby, the sole female, not yet joining this snapshot, will be seeking a new home sometime soon.

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30 June 2008 at 3:22 pm

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belch. forgotten routines fill in while each word gets itself prepared for burial. yes ma’am. no ma’am. taken in what it was wearing at the time, traded in on a line with composure and attitude, just like the instructions say to do, damaged using it for what it was not intended to do, stuck in reverse, sent out to register for deals no longer in stock, private interpretation trapped in its marriage of convenience with a childhood acquaintance fortunate enough to still be on the scene, fanciful postures binging on the attention of casual bystanders, naked pretensions masked and edged and stapled and numbered and stacked, outlaw sales pitch ditch flooded all the way out to the border drawn in pencil, innocent assaults on minor hero shrines, outgunned by frustrated dream agents, vague diagrams scribbled in the margins of a borrowed text, innocuous, over-medicated, insensitive to the ways of normal expression, positioned for an artificial immortality. lockjaw. dead silence, the one survivor left to tell the truth

Written by macheide

30 June 2008 at 3:03 am

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