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Goodbye, Boo

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booShe purred. Just a few clicks on Father’s Day, but by Thursday she had a steady rumble loud enough to hear over most background noise. And she purred often, even in her final hours when she barely had the strength to move.

She loved to push her head between my fingers, settle her neck as tightly as possible down where my fingers met, then knead my palm with her tiny sharp claws.

She was headstrong. I might turn her slightly to where it might be more comfortable to keep holding her for an extended period, but she’d promptly turn herself back to where she wanted herself to be.

She liked having her belly rubbed. Her back feet were ticklish.

Her eyes were so very close to opening. She would have loved what she would have seen. She showed that she knew this was her home. She responded to us. She knew we loved her.

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20 June 2008 at 5:26 am

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