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Lady and the Tramp

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lady and the tramp
Coming from behind a dumpster as little Pancake did, I knew enough to take certain hygenic precautions. But until being warned at her first vet appointment later this morning, it completely slipped my mind that she might be at risk for feline leukemia or feline HIV, so needs to be kept apart from the other cats until she can be tested six weeks from now. That’s fine by Precious and Kitty, who so far have shown zero interest in making our new kitten’s acquaintence.

The dogs are more curious of the newcomer. Here, Lady gets a close-up peek. Just before this snapshot, Dylan was licking the kitten as if he were its mother. And Dylan acts protective of non-family people coming close to her box, while alerting us in the middle of the night if the little one stirs. Like Kitty, will this cat’s closest animal friends in the house be the dogs instead of the cats?

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Written by macheide

15 June 2008 at 8:42 am

Posted in monarda


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