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back in houghton for a conference. making an appointment to settle up an old allegation, checking to be sure that th mid-afternoon departure time i had scheduled was in fact a day later than the mid-afternoon close of th conference, so i would have a day for th appointment i’d just made

walking down th side street after making arrangements, i decided to stop into th bank to pay off at least some of th debt assigned to th allegation. digging in my pockets for th 20s i’d been given, keeping th lesser bills hoping that would be enough to see me through th rest of th week, th 20s came to about half what i owed th bank. came across th g-note a close friend had received as an award, been given to me in appreciation, i’d forgotten i had it, this would fully take care of my debt with plenty left over

into th bank about a minute before closing, th three women who ran th bank had already turned out th lights and were leaving, but re-opened to take care of my business. i objected, said i could come back some other day during th week during th conference, but th bank manager said they only kept their customers by doing business with them, so we proceeded. i was right about th g-note: i settled my debt completely with $321 and change. th bank manager asked why i’d let th debt go neglected for so long, i shrugged with an excuse about my father not forwarding my mail

from what i had left over of th g-note after paying off th bank, i gave $500 to our neighbors as a gift. they were going to buy a new tv with th money. after i left, i had to knock on th door again, to return their old tv’s remote, which i’d absent-mindedly walked out with

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Written by macheide

14 June 2008 at 4:04 am

Posted in oneirra


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