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A Fave Pastime, Just That

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I collect 10-k reports. And 10-q reports and 11-k reports and a grabbag of other communications. And I even read them.

By profession and trade and occupation, I am a pension actuary. By life and breath and thought and dream, even more so I am an actuary. Past reserves tell who I’ve been; future contingencies drive who I will be. Not in the laws or the formulas of it, nor in the graphs I might draw or the problems I might solve, but in the patterns and the connections and the risks and the balances.


Thing is, I can’t talk about my work nor write about it, even indirectly. Don’t look for any of that in this weblog, nor in anything I say or do, whether in public or in private. Anything you see here or elsewhere had nothing to do with the work I do, and none of the work I do spills over into these writings or into anything else I say or do.

Even so, I have numerous personal hobbies drawn from and serving who I am, my 10-k studies being merely one of the favorite of those hobbies. 10-k collection is a fave pastime, just that, like watching the stock market or the elections or any other current event. The fact that my personal 10-k collection more closely reflects my professional career should never be viewed as constituting any official position, statement, or any other act, neither directly nor indirectly. I only indulge in 10-k studies because my official work in no way deals with nor uses the information found on those reports.

If my professional work did ever again stretch to cover 10-k studies, I’d still carry on my private studies, my personal interests, since I’ve never yet found any employer who stretches as far into investigations of that information as my own obsession has taken me. But in that event, if any of my official work at all were to ever involve 10-k analysis, then I’d cease any open discussion of the hobby side of my interest. Unless and until that day, consider any notes regarding my 10-k collection or any other actuarial matter herein to be nothing more than a side interest, conveying nothing to do with anything I perform in any official capacity.


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Written by macheide

13 June 2008 at 7:15 am

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  1. I have now collected more than 300,000 items of data (not counting identifying data such as name, industry, Fortune ranking, links to annual statements, et cetera; plus supplemental data such as comparable PBGC data, interest rate benchmarks, et cetera) from more than 10,000 annual statements (to each of which I retain the hypertext links for followup reference) of more than 1,300 public U.S. corporations that sponsor defined benefit pension plans and other postemployment benefits.

    And will continue to collect further data and have fun with what I have . . .


    16 February 2015 at 12:06 am


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