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Passing Precipitation

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Haven’t seen much of this lately. Didn’t see much more of it today than what showed up down this stretch.

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10 June 2008 at 12:53 pm

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Sync — Jakob Dylan: Seeing Things

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seeing seeing things
Been waiting for this for the past month, so of course Jakob Dylan‘s Seeing Things found its way over to my Zen Vision:M the very day the CD found its way to Barnes & Noble‘s counter, giving me:

  1. Evil Is Alive And Well
  2. Valley Of The Low Sun
  3. All Day And All Night
  4. Everybody Pays As They Go
  5. Will It Grow
  6. I Told You I Couldn’t Stop
  7. War Is Kind
  8. Something Good This Way Comes
  9. On Up The Mountain
  10. This End Of The Telescope
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10 June 2008 at 12:44 pm

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Lower Ceiling

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It’s been seven weeks since I set 13k as my personal line for the year’s ceiling on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Back then we were already scraping 13k, and during the subsequent weeks my resolve was tested by several bumps ever so briefly above the line, barely bruising, never holding.

Now that ceiling has definitely slipped out of reach — we won’t bump it again, not even on any chance easing in the price of oil or any fake surprise from the economic stimulus package moving through things. So I’m lowering the semi-hard upper line I’m drawing for 2008 down to 12.75k and moving my soft floor down to the 12k-12.25k range, still expecting that we’ll be calling it pure luck if we can reach as high as a ceiling of 12k by Labor Day.

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10 June 2008 at 10:05 am

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When WordPress Fails

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when wordpress fails

I’ve not been on vacation. I’ve haven’t been busier than usual with chores and all. I haven’t even been as buried in my spreadsheet or the Wall or in work as I might have wanted to be. And of course I’ve not stopped writing, that never.

When WordPress fails, I just don’t allow them to waste my time like they’ve already too often done. So when yet another poorly planned and completely untested software modification was once again quite casually imposed on WordPress users last Tuesday night, making it impossible to post anything with other than a false “Uncategorized” tag, I simply walked off for a week. Next time — which, given WordPress standards should be within a month or less — the hiatus will be two weeks. And then maybe by the end of the summer they will have convinced me I need to either find some system that knows how to properly conduct product development, or else just plain do my journalling on my own like I did for almost 40 years before making the mistake of struggling with the likes of this.

Once again applauding my decision not to commit so much as to actually pay for this system. Bad enough when WordPress treats free accounts with such callous disrespect. I’d be plain pissed if I’d paid for such poor quality.

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10 June 2008 at 10:03 am

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spiders, fax, and soup

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invited back to an old haunt to help capture spiders, as though i would enjoy it and be good at it, an asset to th team. wasn’t as paranoid as usual, and did go to watch, but simply wasn’t interested in being part of th hunt. th porch was cluttered with jars, all with spiders, most of them big. my friend was sitting in th wicker swing at th end of th porch laughing, was playing with a huge spider th size of a hand on his leg. when i came up to chat, th spider jumped at me, was just being friendly but i was more disinterested than before

inside, dark and gloomy. i felt like bernie had become distant, a stranger, but then could hear th sound of his old voice distantly in his new one. th phone rang. viv was clearly annoyed, knowing who it was. bern offered to let her take th call, that he didn’t mind viv becoming familiar with his friend, but viv declined. bern took th incoming fax in the reb’s front room, gave us th pages to read. his friend was writing from montana, very warmly close with bernie but also strangely disconnected by th distance

across th creek i noticed that all th downstream buildings showed signs of fire. i turned to warn of what at first seemed like a blaze building up, but bern shrugged it off with a comment about how they’d made it worse by fighting to keep that single upstream glass building clear of th fire. i turned and saw all th lower buildings had already been burned out and abandoned, could only imagine how th inferno might have been large enough to threaten shady banks

viv was teaching a group of us down by th road through segments in th back of a newspaper, gave us a few more minutes to finish up learning what we were meant to find from a segment of th comics before turning back a page toward th front to have our cooking lesson for th day. was to be soup, each of us to help contribute some of th ingredients or recipe steps. after getting th soup underway, she called for someone to check to be sure it was mixed well throughout. i went to get my camera to take a pic. when nobody else volunteered to do as she’d needed, she herself entered her soup vat, a makeshift affair fashioned from a stairwell along th back creekside of th house. she waded down into th broth until he was completely submerged at the deepest end. if i’d known it would be like that, i would have done that step for her

i slept alone in th back rooms, peacefully in th lower bunk

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10 June 2008 at 4:04 am

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