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Beam Me Away

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upper beamer construction lower beamer construction

Note to Blue Bug: For the remainder of June, do not use the outbound commute route that goes down Beamer. Our South Belt Leader chirps that the work might be completed in half the scheduled time. Fine if it is. Meanwhile, this is not a good stretch on which to be wasting precious fuel.

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9 June 2008 at 3:55 pm

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surviving interrogation

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i was to be interrogated. th item they sought was in a small compartment at my lower back, but even when they rummaged around in there they failed to recognize it in its disguise, so i knew it would remain safe even through th torture they had in mind. my interrogation was to involve highly invasive procedures going down my throat and up my butt, in both cases extending all th way through to th stomach so as to ensure that they had inspected any part of me that they felt might hold th information they sought. after th fourth time they came up inside me, i feared i would not be able to endure much more, except to embrace th pain as if it were something i longed to do to myself, but it turned out that they’d decided that i must have already passed th package along, so they quit working on me

a young student was to be honored, in part for a model replica he had made of th old church across th street, in part for th deeper project he’d completed for which that model had been a presentation item. th model was truly exquisite, its detail breathtakingly sharp and vivid, almost alive in its brilliance. i turned to point out one part i’d found to represent a particularly sharp insight, only to find that th original old building itself had been torn down, replaced only by a memorial consisting of a single white pipe rising as high as the building, bent at certain angles that reflected a few of th most characteristic angles of th old church itself. but th stairs down to th basement remained intact, so my thoughts strayed down to where my schemes had once been nearly discovered

a waitress came to take our orders. i asked for a glass of tea and a pasta dish, then left our table to mingle with others with whom i had business. as th luncheon was winding down, i was concerned that my meal had not yet been served, but then found i’d been carrying my glass and plate around with me while visiting with colleagues, and needed only to take a few more bites and sips to finish up

i found th small hole that gave half-slide half-ladder access to th train platform. only one young traveller was there waiting, and he thought himself lost, so climbed out th way i’d come. i noticed i was on th eastbound platform, but could not make it back over to th westbound before th train i’d wanted passed through. unconcerned, i headed over to await th next train

Respondent:  I can not know all of the factors with absolute certainty.
Interviewer: That is definitely true.
Respondent:  So I can not estimate the results with any reliable accuracy.
Interviewer: Oh, but please do honor us with the attempt.


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9 June 2008 at 4:04 am

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