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As Hot As It Gets

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as hot as it gets
With Kelly for lunch over to Buffalo Wild Wings (with no apologies, I don’t bother linking to poorly designed websites that insist on locking up your browser). Although I never used to have a ceiling on my heat appetite in my youth, these days I would tend to go for the medium. Today I decided to shoot for BWW’s second from the top: their mango habenero. Still nice to touch that kind of heat once in a while. Here done with a beer, my bit of brew for the month.

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7 June 2008 at 1:47 pm

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FY Shift Trigger

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For my personal hobby of studying pension plan data, I’ve previously always used the first option described in last night’s FY Shift Quiz: each calendar year bucket includes all data for any employer with a fiscal year ending in that calendar year. But I’ve always been sympathetic to the obvious concern that the significant group of employers with fiscal year ending January 31 (if not during the first quarter or even the entire first half of a calendar year) tend to be more representative of the preceding calendar year. And although I’ve sometimes made manual adjustments by using filters to isolate fiscal year subsets of data, for several years I’ve wanted a trigger with a variable to make it easier for me to shift from one basis to another for selecting datasets on the basis of fiscal year ends.

Last night, after verbalizing what I wanted the trigger to do, then relaxing and letting the whole issue drop completely out of my head, the way to do it came to me visually, as an image that I could draw in the air, during the middle of an Elton John song. Slept on it without dreaming of it, then woke this morning and programmed it into my spreadsheet in one clean series of three pretty simple steps, no problems, maybe 15 minutes of work at most (mostly just fine-tuning formats and such), works quite fine! Read the rest of this entry »

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7 June 2008 at 7:13 am

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