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untrimmed tree

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“you really don’t know much about mathematics, do you”

voiced as a penalty notice was handed to me to pass on to mf. seems we’d left th tree in th tlr back yard go untrimmed too long, and th size it had grown to violated local ordinance. i looked at the penalty notice ― $6,000 past due, th citation stated

i envisioned a huge round tree. then when i turned to look, i saw exactly th tree as i’d envisioned it: a huge round bulk of green that loomed like a cloud over th entire back yard

although neither what was spoken nor anything on th penalty notice explicitly explained, i was given to understand that th rebuke about my understanding of math had something to do with th fact that th size of th penalty was based on th estimated number of excess branches and excess leaves

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5 June 2008 at 4:04 am

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