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Who Erred Here?

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 7.90 today, closing out a tempestuous month at 12638.32.

So what’s wrong with this screenshot from Yahoo! (as always, click on image for larger version, then use magnifying glass above upper right corner for an even larger view)?

Clue: The mistake is exactly the same one made by Google, as illustrated by this screenshot (ditto earlier parenthetical):

I’m puzzled. Do these Internet giants get their data from some back-alley source other than the obvious authoritative one? And despite all the technology they represent, do they place their data on their websites manually instead of using the automatic routines of a program (which presumably should not repeat the opening price for a day as the closing price for that day on just one day without doing so for all days)? And did they both pull their data from the same negligent third party non-authoritative source that made the same ad hoc error in the same market average on the same day, or is Google simply copying its answers from Yahoo! (or vice versa)?

That’s the very last time I’ll rely on either for any reliable market data. One such error (and as would be expected, further review does in fact reveal that yesterday’s close is not the sole error) for either would be one error too much, since one would never know when or where another might occur. But I don’t believe in coincidence quite enough to suppose there to be no connection between these two simultaneous blunders.

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30 May 2008 at 7:49 pm

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Reuters Off Reuters Off

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Meeting adopts cluster bomb ban, debates loopholes

reuters tweet 5/30/2008 ~12:40pm

Meeting adopts cluster bomb ban, debates loopholes

reuters tweet 5/30/2008 ~10:00am

OK, Reuters has finally convinced me to turn my cell phone off to its tweets. I got the news the first time; I don’t need to get hit with it again. Cluster-bombing twitter for news delivery is the same spamlike methodology that had me turning BreakingNewsOn off in favor of Reuters, which now only seems to be learning the same bad habits. Sure, Reuters’ tweets at least have more meat to them than MSN‘s SMS alerts’ nonsense, but I really don’t care to chew the same meat twice, at least not on my cell phone.

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30 May 2008 at 12:52 pm

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Google Doodie

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google doodie

From bad to worse: First Google News was dumping my customizations (what good is it going through the trouble of tailoring news that doesn’t remember settings one session to the next?), then the World News module went bye bye (someone tell W to stop playing with those red buttons on his phone, please), and now we’ve got the pleasure of no news at all (“and I think to myself, what a wonderful world”).

Doesn’t mean I’d turn to MSN to see what’s going on. Google’s blank screen is as far down as I care to take this particular spiral.

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30 May 2008 at 8:45 am

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tiny distraction

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disney theme park constructed like th d.c. mall with attractions at sides like th buildings of bryn mawr college, stretching from west philly for several miles. at th other end up several stories, became aware of dog yapping heatedly outside, was annoying even up where we were so like a smell might be faint at th edges and grow more intense nearer th source i figured that those near th dog must be very disturbed, so went to attend to it. it was tiny wanting some of th tourists’ food. i picked him up and walked with him under my arm back toward th entrance at th far end, joined along th way by dylan and lady who ran alongside playing

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30 May 2008 at 4:04 am

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