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What time did you get up this morning?

meme from susan


Around 2:30am. Credit that to stress over a new high-profile work assignment. No matter how many of these I get, I’ll still always stress out over each new one that comes to my desk.

Insomnia being inevitable, I went out into our study and read through the 59-page fax I’d received just before leaving the office. Damned either way there: either I read the fax sometime during the evening and let my brain race so much that I would never have made it to sleep until 2:30am anyway; or as I did, I shelved the fax until this morning, which then was bound to mean that it would wake me before my usual 4:30am first alarm.

By 6am this morning, after reading the fax and starting preliminary research on my response, I was back for more sleep; but I only got a fitful hour’s nap, so was back up working by 7am. An unsuccessful attempt at a mid-morning nap and a shallow mid-afternoon nap carried me through the day.

Let’s just say we are hoping this is not one of my typical days that I might have selected for responding to this particular meme question.

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Written by macheide

21 May 2008 at 8:51 pm

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