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Half Wise, Approximately

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What time did you get up this morning?

meme from susan


Around 2:30am. Credit that to stress over a new high-profile work assignment. No matter how many of these I get, I’ll still always stress out over each new one that comes to my desk.

Insomnia being inevitable, I went out into our study and read through the 59-page fax I’d received just before leaving the office. Damned either way there: either I read the fax sometime during the evening and let my brain race so much that I would never have made it to sleep until 2:30am anyway; or as I did, I shelved the fax until this morning, which then was bound to mean that it would wake me before my usual 4:30am first alarm.

By 6am this morning, after reading the fax and starting preliminary research on my response, I was back for more sleep; but I only got a fitful hour’s nap, so was back up working by 7am. An unsuccessful attempt at a mid-morning nap and a shallow mid-afternoon nap carried me through the day.

Let’s just say we are hoping this is not one of my typical days that I might have selected for responding to this particular meme question.

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21 May 2008 at 8:51 pm

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Texas “Snow Shoveling”

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texas 'snow shovel' pile
Back before I turned Texan, up in the northeast, good neighbors helped each other out shoveling snow off the sidewalks, in which case this pile at the end of our sidewalk would be white and cold.

A few days ago, Ross was outside clipping and offered Susan he’d clip some for us off our front trees while he was at it. I’m not the one who would have thought to do so: I probably would have let the things grow wild until they gave us the illusion of a forest in our front yard. Now they look as civilized as I do after an excursion to see Gloria.

well-needed trim

Thank you, Ross. Look for me out front next time it snows here, if not before.

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21 May 2008 at 6:00 pm

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Future Breaking News

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Scary enough humor when BreakingNewsOn turned a 1 into a 3, waking us with news that the price of oil had reached $133, when it had actually only climbed to $113.

Ghost story blooper becomes grim reaper reality when it turns out they should not have deleted their blooper, but only shelved it for a mere five weeks.

At the risk of missing out on mid-summer’s headlines, I’m still not turning their alerts back on.

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21 May 2008 at 4:51 pm

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