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Pocket PC Radio

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pocket pc radio
Used to ride the bus to work, used to like to listen to the radio as much or more than CDs or mp3s. And thought it neat to be able to do so on a Pocket PC, versus just going the far simpler route of getting a more suitable radio.

Don’t ride the bus anymore: the few times I do get into the office these days, the Blue Bug’s radio serves well enough. Don’t use the Pocket PC anymore: did retrieve the ancient Palm, which Jenny never did use all that much, but I rarely use that and this radio card doesn’t work with Palm anyway. Whenever I do ever want the radio on the run these days, my Zen Vision:M even lets me record what I’m listening to, should I want. I’ve long lost the CD that goes with this radio card, so even if the Blue Bug’s trunk heat hasn’t destroyed it, I doubt it would do anyone else any good. So much as I hate throwing anything like this out, it bids farewell to my world.

Only one parting question: how the hell did it manage to sit in my vehicle’s trunk for so long without its headset’s cords tangling any more than this?

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Written by macheide

18 May 2008 at 3:22 pm

Posted in discard


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