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Memo To Self

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memo to self

I need to help remember to bring along the reusable grocery bags. Does us no good when they’re sitting back at the house.

New soda for me: Big Peach, made by Big Red. Also picked up a tapioca pudding snack pack.

Susan gave me approval to purchase anything Krogers had in the far back corner of the store until she saw they had a Harley sitting there. Later amendment to her approval: if I could swing the Harley within no more than the amount tab for our basket of groceries – about $115 for this trip – then I am allowed to purchase two. So if McCain’t wins in November and continues the W Administration’s policies, by next year maybe a grocery cartful will be more expensive than a hog, and I’ll be on two wheels!

bumper sticker [] - choreograph

Written by macheide

18 May 2008 at 5:04 pm

Posted in choreograph


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