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I started writing and haven’t yet found the last word so haven’t yet stopped.

I looked for a way to do some of my writing online and during the past decade have been a nomad through several different blogging communities.

Intrigued with how web technology extends journalling with features like video, sound, and images, I briefly participated in one blog community in which members documented a day in their lives through digital photographs.

A response to one of my day’s snapshots of taking up our trash chided us for failing to recyle the mob of soda cans we tend to collect here.

We took the comment seriously enough to start recycling our cans.

Today, Susan and Nat stopped by the Container Store and purchased containers to extend our recycling efforts to glass and paper.

Nat did the lettering on the container lids.

I wrote about it all here.

bumper sticker [] - globserver

Written by macheide

9 May 2008 at 6:16 pm

Posted in globserver


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