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Dishing It Out

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dishing it out
Dish Network burps again.

I wanted to find when an NBA game would be on tonight and schedule it to switch over. Instead, this black -and-white pretender took over the set. After which, none of the remote buttons would respond, not a single one. Turning the TV off and back on did nothing to remove the screen. Nor would the satellite box itself even turn off (and it didn’t occur to me to just throw the fuse on the whole damn thing).

I’m dangerous with a remote under such circumstances, so sought for assistance, but everyone else in the house was busy, so I experimented further. Finally, switching control of the set to TV, changing the channel to produce total static, then switching back to the satellite channel gave me the following, which then took several minutes to find something overhead:

dish burp 2 dish burp 3

dish burp 4
And finally my TV broke loose of the block of ice Dish in which had encased it.

Daring it to repeat its burp, I again navigated to the theme menu. This time, it worked fine: this is what that first black-and-white screen was supposed to look like.

I’ve not been terribly impressed with Dish lately. That doesn’t mean I’m going to be looking around. The local cable company already stole too much of my money for extended periods of absolutely no service, and I’m not interested in asking them to steal from me again. I’ll just put up with these burps and experimenting with the remote.

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Written by macheide

9 May 2008 at 6:20 pm

Posted in television


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