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Another Transplant

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Gerry has been trying to reach me for several weeks – had been managing to catch me times when I was unable to chat, and I’d not yet had time open for calling back.

He needs a new kidney. His daughter is undergoing tests, will likely be his kidney donor. Best of wishes to them both. Gerry already is almost 17 years into life on a heart transplant and has a hero’s rare courage.

I do need to take a good look back at that “fifth” criteria for identification of endangered status, particularly the unintended exposure to possibly unwarranted excise taxes.

Shared some common war stories, chatted some about families, caught up on things. Two years ago, we would have been spending this week together at our former employer’s annual meeting and would not have needed to do our chatting over the phone.

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Written by macheide

6 May 2008 at 7:49 am

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